Wildlife & Birds


The large variety of habitats Lake Mburo National Park supports over 350 bird species including rare but regularly seen species like African finfoot and white-backed heron. If you are able to call the papyrus gonolek using a recorded bird call, it will come to the edge of the papyrus, otherwise this papyrus endemic species is rarely seen. If you are lucky you might see a shoebill and in the rainy season the grey crowned cranes breed and look after their fluffy chicks in the swampy areas of the valleys.

Lake Mburo is also home to a huge number of African fish eagles. There is a large variety of savannah and water birds including some spectacular species like Narina Trogon, Ross’s Turaco, African green-pigeon and the Bare-Faced Go-Away-bird often seen around Mihingo Lodge.

The mammal species vary from sitatunga perfectly adapted to the papyrus swamps with their long spread out hooves, to klipspringers only living on rocky outcrops, to the plains game like zebra and topi. Vast amounts of impala and eland can often be found in Lake Mburo National Park, but nowhere else in Uganda.

According to our records Lake Mburo might have the highest leopard concentration ever recorded due to its perfect leopard habitat and thousands of impala which are leopards’ favourite prey in Mburo. Meeting buffalo on walking safaris or horse rides is a great experience.

Mihingo Bird List