Mihingo Lodge is one of the few places in Africa where you can watch thick-tailed Gallagos in their natural environment. These are a nocturnal primate species that have become very used to our guests and come to the platform below the bar most evenings.

We are very strict and only give them 1 or 2 small pieces of banana to ensure that they still have to forage for their own food which includes fruit, lizards, moths and other insects.

We never allow anyone to touch the Gallagos or take photos with a flash as this can easily damage their eyes. You will be able to see the thick-tailed Gallagos interacting with each other.

Bush babies hide during the day in order to avoid contact with predators such as eagles and large snakes and to avoid competing with Vervet monkeys for resources. Since they are easily captured on the ground they mostly stay in trees and rely on their extraordinary jumping abilities.