Horses & Wilderness

For lovers of horseback riding looking to unearth hidden treasures within the Ugandan bush, this engagement with nature is sure to ignite your passions for wildlife and remain in your memory for years to come.

All safaris can be tailored to suit your specific levels of experience so you can embrace this unique safari and let the horses enchant you.

Upon arrival at Mihingo Lodge, allow yourself to indulge in a scrumptious home-cooked lunch whilst taking in your new and impressive surroundings. In preparation for the days ahead, our Stables Manager will escort you to meet your four-legged guides, discuss the routes and timings whilst giving you an opportunity to explore the grounds and get to know your horsey partners.

Rising with the morning sun, you will enjoy an early breakfast and be ready to start the day’s safari. Over the course of the next days, the horse guides will show you a beautifully diverse and ever changing choice of landscapes allowing you to experience all the wonders of the wilderness.

3-6 nights Mihingo Lodge Horse Safari