The Ugandan roads can take their toll and after bumping around for a few days on safari many guests need time to lie back and unwind. Mihingo provides plenty of comfy spots and peaceful places where guests can relax. From the pool beds overlooking the waterhole to enjoying the cool breezes at the top of the tower, there will always be space to put your feet up.

The newly built tower area provides unparalleled 360 degree views of the park as well as being a cool retreat to unwind and relax. An ideal place to view sunrise and sunset it also provides large sofas for those post lunch naps.

At the base of the tower a campfire is lit every evening for guests to watch the sunset and the stars come out. As dusk settles you can glimpse the silhouette of night jars starting their evening flight; an especially brilliant spectacle when the pennant winged nightjars have developed their long wing feathers in the breeding season.

The top of the water catchment is another ideal spot to watch the sunset but only for those sure of foot, make sure to take a torch with you to navigate your way back after dark. As you head up on to the rocks you may come across the resident family of klipspringers getting ready for the night.

The bush baby platform provides a peaceful place to appreciate the sunset as well as the opportunity to linger on quietly and wait for the bush babies to appear.