Our managers, Merlin and Nick, are a South African/Scottish couple with a love of Africa. Merlin is originally from Cape Town and worked in lodges in South Africa as a horseback guide and in Botswana where both she and Nick managed a lodge. Nick is from Scotland, but his love of riding eventually led him to working in horse safaris. Both of them enjoy life in the bush, Merlin loves birding and wildlife and Nick is an avid photographer, however for them the most rewarding part of the job is getting to meet so many interesting people from all over the world. Together with our fantastic team here they look forward to welcoming you to Mihingo and making it a magical place that people will continue to enjoy.


Allen is our front of house manager who can help organise your itinerary for your stay here. From one of the original dining staff at the opening in 2007, to the head of her department and now the front of house manager she has grown and learnt about all aspects of the lodge. If you have any questions of queries Allen is the one to ask!


About 80% of staff hired by Mihingo Lodge are the Banyankole from the surrounding area. With families only a short drive away they can still attend to the home business of cattle keeping while earning a living to support their friends and families. Staff come from all walks of life.

Charles one of our horse guides used to be part of the building team but his calm character led him to the stables where he has become one of our best horse guides.

A few members of staff come from Kampala and Northern Uganda such as Michael our long standing head bar man. Michael has been with the lodge since the opening in 2007 and is a character you cannot forget, his bright smile and cheery character fills the bar in the evenings.


Nicholas has worked with our horses since 2008. He grew up not far away from Mihingo Lodge and learned most of he knows from our previous horse expert. He is responsible not only for the care of the horses but the training of the stable team from teaching them how to ride to filing horses feet to taking guests on the unique experience that is our horseback safaris in Uganda.



Christel first came to Mihingo as a guest in 2009 as part of a Ugandan safari, with her husband Alex. She loved it so much that she decided to come back and stay for 11 days in 2014. After a wonderful time at Mihingo Christel, decided to give up her job and come back as a volunteer at Mihingo for eight months. Christel has worked for many years as a marketing adviser.

This website is Christel’s creation. She has dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort as project leader ensuring that Ralph and Suni wrote the text and she came up with the overall design of the site. Christel organized a friend of hers (Sami Fayed) who is a professional photographer to come out to Mihingo for two weeks and take photos for the website. She also organized the website designer (Lenny) and without her dedication this website would not have happened. Christel’s attention to detail and determination to get everything perfect has been incredible.

Christel is passionate about the bush and life at Mihingo. As our longest staying guest Christel was determined that she wanted others to know that staying a night or two at Mihingo is just not enough in
order to experience everything that there is to do.

Christel also put her whole heart into helping to build Stephen’s School and raising money through her buy a brick project which has enable Stephen to build his first school room. Christel has been very active helping to market Mihingo Lodge in Germany.


Sami Fayed
Sami is a professional photographer from Germany who has been an advertising photographer for many years, but his main interest is wildlife and conservation. As Sami was very keen to do more wildlife photography Christel was able to convince him to come for 2 weeks and take photos at Mihingo. Sadly he did not have enough time to take more photos of wildlife as he was so busy taking photos of the lodge. We are very grateful for the fantastic photos that he has taken for us.