Walking Safari

Nature walks are a magical way to experience the bush. They allow you to notice smaller details often overlooked when in a car or riding a horse.

Within the Park:
All walks in the park must go with an armed UWA guide. You can technically walk anywhere in the park once a guide is in attendance but the most popular walks go from the lodge itself or along the swamps bordering Lake Mburo. From the lodge a two hour loop will take you around the valleys and ridges you see from the dining room and deliver you back to the lodge. The swamp walk has a couple of raised platforms from where you can look over the swamps; if you are very lucky you may even see a Sitatunga or Uganda’s famous Shoebill stork.

Outside the Park:
You may take a walk with a Mihingo guide outside the park where you will often see just as many animals as inside. There are two standard options for walks, either a 2 hour walk down the hill and in to the valleys around the lodge or a 4 hour walk to a rocky kopje with a picnic breakfast.