Why Stay With Us


  • Heat all our water, make our electricity, and power all our fridges and freezers using the sun.
  • Catch all the rain water on the rocks in a 200,000 litre water tank and also use the run-off from the large roof area at the stables.
  • Grow our own herbs and salads in our small organic kitchen garden.
  • Buy as much locally as possible including milk, tomatoes and onions from the surrounding farms.
  • Buy special vegetables that we can’t buy locally from an organic farm in Mukono district.
  • Recycle our general lodge waste – turn bottle tops into funky animals, and give our empty bottles (we love Bombay Sapphire) to Paper Craft who turn them into beautiful necklaces and earrings.
  • Decant all our drinking water from 20 litre bottles to avoid waste of more than 10,000 small plastic bottles a year.
  • Buy all our soap from Paper Craft – it is totally natural, tested in the Netherlands and PH perfect!
  • Buy all our candles from The Candle Light Foundation that was set up to help street girls find a way to earn money.
  • Sell as many locally produced Ugandan crafts in our craft shop.
  • Train our staff to give the best massage ever – the money from the massages supports the Leopard and Hyena project.
  • Train staff from this area how to look after our horses and how to ride them.
  • Use local transport to receive our weekly shopping supplies from Kampala.
  • Compensate farmers for livestock killed by leopard and hyena.


  • Recruiting as many staff as possible from the neighbouring communities.
  • Employing lots of women; they are lovely and hard working.
  • Making sure our staff are happy and inspired by what they do so that you will feel it too.
  • Supporting some children with their secondary education.
  • Supporting the local school.


  • They give us milk, yoghurt, cheese and the best home-made Mihingo ice cream ever!
  • Ankole cows are incredibly beautiful and have the biggest horns in the world.
  • Ankole cows are an important part of the culture of the Bahima people.